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Currently Crushing On: Minimalist Nail Art

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram the last few months, you’ll notice that I’ve developed a newfound love for nail art – minimal nail art. Thanks to some incredibly talented nail artists I’ve discovered on social media, I’ve been inspired to experiment with some low maintenance negative space designs. I like to keep my

DIY Embroidered Straw Bag

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Remember my obsession with vintage souvenir bags last year? Well, the fixation hasn’t subsided and I suddenly had the crazy idea of DIYing my own this summer. To be honest, this spontaneous decision with met with the slightest bit of regret once I realized how tedious stitching a straw bag with layers and layers of

DIY Beaded Shell Necklaces

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Hello, my name is Erica and I’m a bead hoarder. How can I ever resist all that color and texture? Throughout the years, I’ve collected an endless stands of beads from all over the world – from my jewelry designing days to my present Etsy trolling days. After stumbling upon a few pretty gold shell

DIY Raffia Pom Pom Sandals

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Spring is here and do you know what that means? It’s pom pom season! As you know by now, pom poms and I go wayyyy back. There really isn’t anything I haven’t pom pom bombed. Disco pom poms on shoes, pom poms on pillows, pom poms on bags and clutches, raffia pom poms on baskets . . . but giant raffia pom poms on

DIY Naturally Dyed Robin Eggs

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Mother Nature constantly surprises us in the most phenomenal ways. How else can a hue as spectacular as robin’s egg blue originate from the ever so humble red cabbage?! I first started naturally dyeing eggs a few years ago and have made them every Easter since. It’s also an incredibly fun project to do with

DIY Latch Hook Wall Hanging

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You guys, I have a newfound obsession. Latch hooking! It all started with a beautiful palette I had saved to my desktop  while pinning inspiring color combinations – another new addiction as of late. I wanted to actualize it into a three dimensional piece of art for our bedroom and what better way than to turn it