DIY Tassel Sandals

Jimmy Choo’s Dream sandals, with multi-colored tassels and decorative coins, came and went before we had a chance to snag a pair this summer. The next best alternative was to DIY them, of course. I recreated these gypset stunners in black, which seemed more suitable for fall. They are so fun to wear and actually quite easy to customize with your own charms and trinkets!


You’ll need:


Start by wrapping the ends of the silk cord with scotch tape. This will prevent the ends from fraying. Fold the 6 yard length in half, wrap a piece of tape around the middle, and cut. Remove the straps from the shoes.


Thread the silk cord through the open loops. Slip your foot into the shoe and wrap the cord around the ankles. Trim the ends if necessary but don’t forget to wrap tape around the section that is being cut to prevent fraying.


Drop a dollop of E6000 into the cord ends – use a toothpick if it helps. Shimmy the end of the silk cord, with the tape still on it, into the ends. Allow it to dry for at least an hour.


Use jump rings to attach the tassel to the end of the cord ends. Trim the ends of the tassel. Then attach coins to the tassel.


Repeat on the other shoe.


Wrap, tie, and shake a leg! **Note that the silk cord is slippery so will need to be double knotted. Using braided suede will hold better with a single knot.


(images by HonestlyWTF)


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