DIY Oversized Floral Brooch

I couldn’t help but ooh and ahh over the gigantic lily corsages that seemed to bloom from the boldly colored floral patterns of Dries Van Noten‘s fall collection. There was a refreshingly surreal quality to the vibrantly painted, three dimensional flowers – a departure from the more literal Carrie Bradshaw inspired versions we’ve seen in the past. Dramatic, fun and perfect for those warmer days ahead!


You’ll need:


Start by pulling leaves off the stems to determine the desirable length of the flower stem. Save them as you might want to add additional leaves later. Trim with wire cutters.


Place the flower against your chest, below the shoulder. If you want to add more leaves to fill out the brooch, now is a good time to hot glue them onto other leaves or onto the stem. Working in a well ventilated area, lightly coat the flower with spray paint. I like to grasp the base of the stem with a protective layer, like a plastic trash bag, while spraying. Continue adding layers of paint. The leaves might take longer to paint so be patient!


Once the flower is completely covered in color and dried, attach a stick pin to the backside using hot glue.


Once the glue has tried, try it on for fit. You can always add another pin to another part of the brooch for more stability.


Your Dries Van Noten inspired brooch is finished!


(images by HonestlyWTF)


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