DIY Tassel Espadrille Sneakers

It may come as no surprise to you that if I could add tassels and pom poms to everything in sight, I would. Wouldn’t they make life that much happier and more colorful? Sadly, even I know that too much can be . . . just too much. However, when I discover the most perfect pair of espadrille sneakers, the urge to adorn them with color and fringe is straight up irresistible. Forgive me, for I have tasseled. Yet again. The inspiration behind these tasseled espadrille sneakers was Ulla Johnson’s boho tassel heels and the most enjoyable part was playing around with some of my favorite color palettes. This is such an easy and fun way to add the right amount of flair to your summer kicks!

You’ll need:

Start by undoing the laces of the espadrilles. Unwrap the skeins of cotton thread and measure out 3 strands of 3 different colors, 3 times the length of the shoelace. 3 x 3 x 3! (click images to enlarge)

Tie the 9 strands together into a knot. Separate the bundle into 3 even sections and start braiding.

Braid until you’ve nearly reached the end and tie into a loose knot. Trim the each end.

Wrap each end tightly with scotch tape. Undo the knots and start threading the braid through the shoe.

Tie and repeat the process on the other shoe.

Trim the about half an inch off the end of each of the 3.75″ cotton tassels. It’s important to use a pair of sharp fabric shears for a clean cut!

Group the tassels in pairs and tie them into a double knot using a 6-8″ piece of waxed linen cord.

While the espadrilles are tied undo the braid until it’s close to the base of the knot. This is so the tassels don’t hit the ground while you’re wearing them. Tie the waxed cord around the braid and tie into a knot.

Take one end of the waxed cord and wrap upwards 6-7 times. Connect it with the other end of the waxed cord and tie into a double knot.

Trim away the excess braid.

Repeat on the other shoe! Any normal knot might slip, depending on the type of thread you use for the braided shoelace. If the knot slips, simply tie into a double knot.

(images by HonestlyWTF)


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