DIY Beaded Shell Necklaces

Hello, my name is Erica and I’m a bead hoarder. How can I ever resist all that color and texture? Throughout the years, I’ve collected an endless stands of beads from all over the world – from my jewelry designing days to my present Etsy trolling days. After stumbling upon a few pretty gold shell charms a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to put some of my favorite beads to good use. After all, is there anything that epitomizes summer more then a layered stack of beaded shell necklaces? I think not . . .

Short Necklaces


Start by unraveling the bead cord. I like using the Griffin Beading Cord because it comes in a variety of color and comes with a needle attached, which makes beading so much easier. Thread on a crimping bead and then a lobster clasp.

Pull both the crimping bead and clasp towards the end of the cord. Then take the needle and thread it through the crimp bead, out towards the ends of the cord. Pull it tight and then crimp the bead with a crimper. If you don’t have a crimper, you can use a pair of pliers to squeeze the crimp bead shut.

Trim away the extra tail of cording. Start threading on beads and stop when you’ve reached half the length desired for your necklace.

Add the remaining beads. Add a crimp bead and a closed jump ring. Thread the need back through the jump ring and then through the crimp bead, towards the necklace.

Pull the cord taut and crimp the crimp bead closed.

Long Necklaces


For longer necklaces, you won’t be needing a clasp as they can easily slip over your neck. To start a longer necklace, tie a double knot at the end of the beading cord. Start threading on beads.

Halfway through, add your shell charm.

Continue adding the rest of the beads and center the beads so that there is enough slack on either end of the necklace.

Undo the double knot you made to start and thread the cord through an embroidery needle. Pass the cord through the top of a tassel. Remove the needle, thread the other side of the cord through the needle and pass it through the opposite side of the tassel.

Pull taut and tie the cord into a double knot. Trim the ends.

images by HonestlyWTF


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