DIY Luv Aj Handpiece

When the lovely Amanda Thomas of Luv Aj offered to show us how to DIY her signature handpiece, we were ecstatic! Not only are we huge fans of her jewelry, we’ve been dying to adorn ourselves with this ring and bracelet combination. Thank you for the awesome tutorial, Amanda! xx

This season, the best seller in the entire collection was the Polished Pyrite Handpiece. It’s simple, a tad bit edgy, and something you can actually wear all day everyday. Add some bracelets on your wrist, throw on a couple rings, and this little handpiece seems to work in every single scenario. If you DIY, or even if you don’t, it may seem too advanced to make but after my tutorial, you’ll see that it’s really not!

You’ll need:

Now that you have all you need, let’s get cracking. Cut one piece of the thin chain 2.75″ long. This will fit around your middle finger. Then, cut two 4″ pieces of the thin chain, this will be the chain that connects the bracelet portion to the ring.

Now for the bracelet portion- everyone’s wrist is a little different so you can ball park the length. Take the thick chain, wrap it around your wrist, and cut it about 1/2″ shorter than your wrist length to leave room for the lobster claw.

So now we need to attach all the smaller chains together: Open up one of the smaller jump rings and loop the shorter piece of chain and connect the jump ring on both ends. This is the ring portion.

Don’t close the jump ring yet though, we need to add the two longer strands of the thin chain to the same jump ring. Slide those through then close the jump ring.

Grab the thick chain you cut for the bracelet portion and find the middle. Now from the middle, go out about 3/4″ on each side; this is where you’ll be connecting the thin chain to the thick chain.

Attach a jump ring to the one of the two points you just found and string one of the thin chains to that jump ring.

Repeat the same step on the other side.

Attach the lobster claw on the end of the bracelet using the larger jump ring. Add a plain jump ring to the other end for the lobster claw to hook onto.

Voila! You got yourself a bonafide bad ass handpiece!!

(LuvAj Pyrite Handpiece $88, tutorial and images courtesy of LuvAj)


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